Sunday, 5 May 2019

100WC - 6 May - Niamh

I stood in the doorway taking in the surroundings of the room set in front of me. I turned my head seeing the old melted ice cream stains on the duvet, the crumpled, worn toy giraffe with stuffing falling out lying dead on the dresser. I moved around and looked at the dust caked windowsill and the greasy streaked window that stood tall above it. Leaning against the sighing brown wood walls. I walked to the window and looked out to the vast salt waters of the ocean, I picked a soapy rag and began wiping away my old memories.


  1. Room 23 enjoyed reading your writing this morning. We think your word choice is great and thoughtfully chosen, and it sounds like the beginning of a really good adventure story (a published one!). :)

    1. (Room 23, Karori Normal School, Wellington)

  2. Great writing, I really enjoyed the part when you said "dust caked windows."
    What were your old memories?

  3. The picture in my head is of my room with a window that looks out onto the sea and I have a stuffed giraffe as well - so when I saw the words it all came together - melted made me think of ice-cream melting so that fitted as well. Also most of my toys have been chewed by my dog which is where the idea of the broken toy came from. Thanks for reading. Niamh.

  4. Niamh,
    Your word choices evoke clear images for me. And, I am intrigued by the narrator's thoughts. I am curious about what memories they are wiping away.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA